Founded in 1987 China Citic is the 7th largest bank in Mainland China. The bank ranked 185th among the top 500 enterprises by market value in 2010 by the Financial Times.

Black Elephant’s experience in Chinese business culture, its inhouse linguistic skills and ability to fully converse in Mandarin, was effective in bridging language gaps, and ensuring that nothing was lost in translation.

The Brief

The client required an office interior design scheme that would reinforce the organisations brand and reputation as a leader in the international world of commercial banking.

The Vision

The external architecture of Citic Bank’s new offices and its curved footplate is highly significant of to the client’s cultural heritage. Embodying the principles of good design with functionality we devised a clean contemporary scheme integrated with a harmonious blend of traditional elements.

The Design

Visitors are met at the stunning reception and waiting area where the client’s corporate branding is prominently displayed. Glazed cellular offices and a generously wide circulation route allows natural light to flood through the interior and provides a stunning visual connection to the London city landscape.

Large conference rooms with interlocking folding glass walls are aesthetically beautiful and offer versatile options for a diverse range of activities.

Additional meeting rooms with internal folding walls quickly transform into larger spaces where all media technology can be discreetly hidden from view for those all-important client meetings.

The curved meeting room for hosting VIP client meetings

The distinct curve of the building’s façade has been reflected in the design and layout of the informal VIP meeting room.

Intentionally traditional in style the room is dressed in luxurious floor length drapes, with a large patterned rug and a low hung contemporary chandelier. Plush curved occasional armchairs are positioned in pairs along the exterior wall separated by small round tables.

The deliberate positioning of guest chairs around the room’s perimeter respects the Chinese culture of entertaining all visitors as equal, regardless of hierarchy or position.

Private offices were retained and dedicated for the Bank’s CEO and Managing Director. Curves and circles signify unity, oneness, and harmony in Chinese culture. This inspired our specification of circular rugs, modern chandeliers, round coffee tables, and feature soft planting.

The staff kitchen and breakout areas are bright and modern with a sleek preparation island and low hanging pendant lights. This relaxed informal environment reflects the company’s red and white branding that is interspersed with soft grey floor tiles and bistro style tables and chairs.