What We Do

As leaders in workplace consultancy and interior design, we employ our in‐depth knowledge and vast expertise to take organisations on a journey that moves them beyond the limitations of their current space.

We Strategise

Effective analysis determines employee numbers, department adjacencies, and workspace inefficiencies.

The resulting data provides good insight into the utilisation of space and ensures any change management decisions are based on real-time facts and statistics.

We Evaluate

Finding suitable office space in good locations can be daunting but we will ease you through the process.

In proposing a shortlist of properties, we can undertake building surveys, test fits, validation of landlord services, and review any lease limitations of your elected space.

We Design

Our team are experienced in the creation of bespoke interior design solutions, innovative workplace refurbishments, operational relocation, and furniture provision.

We Deliver

No matter the challenge, our team of professionals are on hand to support your business through every stage of the design and delivery process.

Workplace Consultancy - An Integrated Approach

Whether a business is expanding, merging, or looking to relocate to new premises, a detailed workplace analysis will determine its priorities, requirements, key project deliverables and timescales.

Undertaking a workplace study provides valuable insight of how an organisation operates its activities, brand, culture, and future requirements.

Data gathered informs decisions that determine the scope of a project and the resources to deliver it.

We create workplaces that consider the human factor.

Deciding whether to relocate or refurbish your current offices may be one of the biggest decisions a business has to make and knowing where to start can seem daunting. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, our team of qualified experts will advise and guide you through each phase of the process to ensure you fully understand all the options available to you.